West Wind Aviation is facing a lawsuit from an Ontario doctor, who claims he suffered physical and emotional injuries following the Dec. 13, 2017 plane crash near Fond du Lac.

David Opper who worked as a physician in Northern Saskatchewan at the time of the crash was one of 22 passengers on board the flight.

His lawsuit filed December 5 at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina alleges neglect from the company, its staff and pilots.

The 11-page suit accuses the flight crew of not assisting passengers following the crash.

“David Opper as well as the passengers were left to fend for themselves in the chaos of the accident,” the lawsuit reads.

Court documents suggest that Opper assisted in the rescue and treatment of other passengers.

The claim alleges there were no steps taken to de-ice the plane or clear the runway.

The Transportation Safety Board found that no anti-icing equipment was available at the Fond du Lac airport and that the crew of the aircraft did not use the available ladders and de-icing equipment.

Opper claims his sustained an injury to his left hand, which will require ongoing medical treatment.

Other ailments in the suit allege hearing loss, panic attacks, in ability to focus and insomnia.

“David Opper has sustained lasting physical and emotional damages,” said the lawsuit.

West Wind Aviation was grounded for five months. Since then new management have been hired and de-icing equipment has been purchased.

Opper has not specified the amount of damages he is seeking.

There were 25 people on board, including 22 passengers and a crew of three. One of the passengers, 19-year-old Arson Fern Jr., died of his injuries on December 25. Several other passengers suffered serious injuries.

This is the second lawsuit filed in relation to the crash. A class-action suit alleges the runway was too short for the size and the weight of the plane, there was no de-icing of the runway or plane and there was no warning given to passengers that the aircraft was about to crash.

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(PHOTO: Wreckage following crash. Photo courtesy of the Transportation Safety Board.)