A Loon Lake man has received heavy fives and banned from hunting for five-years after pleading guilty to two counts of selling wild game.

Richard Weeseekase was charged in September for trafficking wildlife.

In April 2017, conservation officers were made aware of someone offering moose meat for sale on Facebook.

A written warning was given and Weeseekase received an explanation of why it was illegal.

In November 2017, he was observed trying to sell moose, elk and deer antlers on his Facebook account.

Investigators purchased five sets of moose antlers and four sets of white-tailed deer antlers from the man in late 2017.

In addition, 10 sets of white-tailed deer antlers and two sets of elk antlers were purchased in October 2018.

Weeseekase received fines of $2,800 for the first charge and $3,500 for the second charge.