Gary Veteri of La Ronge was at the Legislature Monday, to pressure the government to build the promised long-term care facility.

Veteri made the trip last year, to advocate for his wife, who he cares for as she has early onset dementia.

“Right now she needs a placement. My choices are between three to five hours away, which I’m not going to allow. It’s either going to be Saskatoon or La Ronge, preferably La Ronge,” Veteri said.

Veteri explained that his wife is getting some home-care help, but that too is stretched thin because of demand.

La Ronge has 14 long-term care and two respite beds, all occupied.

Veteri expressed frustration, at his situation suggesting the provincial government is ignoring the serious issues of the north.

He has letters of support from both councils in La Ronge and Air Ronge for the construction of 70 bed facility. Planning for that project began in 2016.

Veteri explained that if his wife is placed outside of La Ronge, he will sell his business and be close to her.

Rural and Remote Health Minister Warren Kaeding says the government is committed to building a long-term care facility in La Ronge yet no timetable was given.

(Photo:Gary Veteri. By Dan Jones)