Members from the La Ronge RCMP detachment and players on the La Ronge Ice Wolves were helping distribute sets of hockey equipment to La Ronge-area kids on Monday night.

The initiative was led by RCMP Cpl. Brent Nicol, who obtained 20 sets of equipment from the NHLPA’s Goals and Dreams program.

“It kind of made me emotional here, just to see all these kids getting a chance to skate for the first time in many cases, I think every one of them had never had hockey equipment on,” said Nicol. “It’s just a great experience here for me to see that and to know that possibly these are some kids that will maybe get somewhere someday because of this.”

Nicol says he plans to apply for more sets of equipment next year.

“I’m doing it as a representative of the RCMP,” said Nicol. “Building bridges between the community and the RCMP, showing that we can give back. We’re not just there to arrest people and do things like that. We’re also here to make the community better and to give back, and to try and get the kids active, and staying away from crime.”

After the kids received their equipment, they took to the ice with members of the La Ronge Ice Wolves at the JRMCC.

(PHOTO: Members of the La Ronge Ice Wolves helped kids get their equipment on. Photo by Braden Malsbury.)