A hockey company in Saskatchewan is assisting Indigenous hockey players.

Om Hockey Systems has been working closely with Indigenous hockey players around the province for the last few seasons.

“First Nations (players) are the most untapped resource in hockey,” said Ty McGauley, who is the president of Om Hockey Systems. “First Nations (players) have all the intangibles that you can’t teach a hockey player. They’re strong, they’re fast, they’re tough, they’re brave.”

McGauley says the training they do is different than what people are used to.

“What I realized in my career in hockey is that there was a huge difference between flashy skill and functional skill,” said McGauley. “That’s one thing that we started to realize is that to train to get game functional skills, you had to mimic the environment of the game as closely as possible in the training environment.”

McGauley says they are noticing huge improvements with the players they have worked with so far.

If you would like more information, you can check out Om Hockey Systems online.

(PHOTO: The Mel Hegland Uniplex. File photo.)