The Wiyasiwewin Mikiwahp Native Law Centre at the University of Saskatchewan has launched a project to help Indigenous communities achieve full self-determination and encourage discourse on justice issues.

The new venture is called the Innovation and Indigenization Project.

“It’s part of what we’ve been working on and this is just going to help bring in elders and innovators and people to do assessments on the work that we’re doing,” Marilyn Poitras, associate director for the centre, said. “We have a knowledge keeper here that teaches Cree law and we want to enhance that so the conversations that are happening here are all about customary law and Indigenous legal practices.”

Wiyasiwewin Mikiwahp is also working to further Indigenize its summer program curriculum with the help of several partners and Indigenous elders.

Community members, scholars, legal personnel and law students will also be consulted about the updated curriculum.

“Creating a centre that is revitalizing Indigenous laws is absolutely what we want to be doing,” Poitras added. “We’re going to see the creation of really strong Indigenous legal forums and it’s really important that people are trained to move into those positions and the Native Law Centre wants to be a leader on that.”

The project is tasked with strengthening the Native Law Centre’s understanding of Indigenous legal traditions, reconciliation and legal education.

(PHOTO: Courtesy of the University of Saskatchewan.)