The Regina Open Door Society is putting on a program to teach young newcomers to Canada about Indigenous culture.

The new program is called Reconciliation through Education and is being held this summer until Aug. 17.

“We’ve done everything through the consultation of elders,” says Megan Brooks, team lead for Reconciliation through Education. “All of our programs are Indigenous-led.”

Reconciliation through Education was developed for those aged 11-17 by Archie Weenie from the Sweetgrass First Nation.

“We did a talking circle in relation to residential schools,” adds Brooks. “The intention was for the kids to really see the connection between colonization in each of their countries because colonization has impacted the globe. That shared empathy is what we’re trying to grow in this program.”

Participants are taking part in activities such as carving and drumming and will go the Piapot Traditional Powwow next week.

“One thing that we’ve already found is that as we’re working with the children, they’re going home and they’re educating their parents,” Brooks says. “Parents are changing their perceptions based on what their kids are learning.”

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