A 16-year-old amputee from Wollaston Lake says he hopes to inspire others with his music.

Dillon Gazandlare was born with a below-elbow amputation, but he has not let that stop him from playing instruments.

Gazandlare does not have a prosthetic, but has built an extension out of painter’s tape and paper to help him play the guitar.

“I used to play with my stump to pick the strings but after like 10 minutes it would really start to hurt,” Gazandlare said.

Gazandlare has also learned how to play the drums, piano and ukulele.

“I really hope to inspire people with my music,” Gazandlare added. “Take it from me and work hard — and you will be able to get to where you want to go.”

Gazandlare attended this year’s western regional War Amps conference for child amputees in Edmonton.

Amputees from all over western Canada were at the conference, which finished on Sunday.

“It was very surprising seeing all these people doing things that you wouldn’t normally see,” Gazandlare explained. “I saw amputees being really good at drumming and other amputees missing their right or left hand and playing guitar. It was very fun.”

Gazandlare plays in a band called Method To Madness.

“My musical goal it to be a performing artist with my band and see how far it takes me,” he said.

(PHOTO: Dillon Gazandlare. Photo courtesy of Dillon Gazandlare, Facebook.)