When the 2019-20 SJHL season kicks off in just a few months, fans will notice a few changes.

The league is scrapping the survivor series, which previously saw 10 of the 12 teams qualifying for the post-season.

“The decision was basically based upon the cost of that series not being financially viable,” said SJHL President Bill Chow. “It just turned out where the travel cost exceeds the revenue that was being brought in over the last four years or so.”

Going forward, the top eight teams in the overall standings will qualify for the playoffs. Teams will be seeded based on points. The league will still have three divisions, but winning your division does not automatically earn a post-season berth.

Another change for the league will be the adoption of the hybrid icing rule.

“From the understanding of what it’s been explained to us from the referee-in-chief, in all likelihood, it should create more safety,” said Chow. “It’s really dependent upon the linesmen and the race to the puck to the faceoff dot.”

The SJHL also says teams will still be able to carry eight overage players on their rosters.

Meantime, the SJHL schedule has not been officially released yet.

(PHOTO: SJHL logo. Photo courtesy of SJHL.)