The Canadian Red Cross will be offering a free course in Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan this summer to help children stay safe if they’re home alone.

The course is for kids aged 9-13 and is called Stay Safe!

Lesley-Anne Morley, the Indigenous community outreach coordinator for the Canadian Red Cross, says the course was put in place as the result of requests from First Nations communities.

“The requests came in last year near the end of the season to see if there was anything we could do for the children who have to stay home by themselves,” Morley says. “We said we have a program for that and we are starting to offer the Stay Safe course this year.”

The program will be offered in Southend, Canoe Lake Cree First Nation, Sandy Bay, Buffalo River Dene Nation, Waterhen Lake First Nation and Grandmother’s Bay.

The course is expected to take 5-6 hours to complete.

The Red Cross will also be continuing to offer a free babysitting course, swimming lessons and lifeguard courses in several Indigenous communities in the province.

“Northern communities in general, tend to have less access to programs like this and so if we offer them for free in their communities, then it makes them accessible to very important information,” says Morley.

To see the communities in Saskatchewan where the services will be offered and the schedule visit

(PHOTO: Kids in Fishing Lake taking part in swimming lessons offered by the Red Cross. Photo courtesy of the Red Cross.)