The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations says it is disappointed by the responses from Premier Scott Moe and Conservative Party leader Andrew Sheer who both say what happened to Indigenous women and girls was not an act of genocide.

“A Canadian genocide did occur where First Nations peoples are concerned, it is undeniable when you review the legislation, policies and actions of the Canadian State since before Confederation” stated Chief Bobby Cameron.

Cameron points to legislation and policies like residential school, forced sterilization and the Sixties Scoop as methods used by governments to cause the disappearance of First Nations women.

“All Andrew Sheer and Premier Scott Moe have focused on is the finding that a Canadian genocide occurred. That is sadly short-sighted,” said Vice Chief Heather Bear.

Chief Commissioner Marion in her final report into the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls said that genocide did occur.

“It is unfortunate that the use of this term has distracted from the recommended action highlighted in the report, recommendations our government is reviewing diligently,” said an emailed statement from the Premier’s Communications spokesperson Jim Billington.