It’s back to drawing board for Justice and Government Relations in finding a person to conduct an inspection into the northern municipality of Pinehouse.

Lawyer Neil Robertson, who was leading the inquiry, was appointed a judge to the Court of Queen’s Bench Tuesday by the federal government.

“Given this appointment, Justice Robertson will no longer be overseeing the inquiry into Pinehouse. The Ministries of Government Relations and Justice are currently determining options to ensure the inquiry is continued and completed with minimal delay,” said Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding in a statement.

“Hasan Akhtar, the supervisor assigned to the Village in March of this year, will continue to work with the council and administration in Pinehouse. Mr. Akhtar will continue to support the Village’s efforts to become compliant with freedom of information laws, and all applicable regulations.”

In March Kaeding expanded the scope of the Pinehouse inspection following an initial report of Robertson.

The expanded scope turned to an official inquiry after repeated failures of town administrators to comply with freedom of information requests and to conduct a financial audit.

“Our government remains committed to releasing all relevant reports at the completion of the inquiry into the Northern Village of Pinehouse,” Kaeding said.

Kaeding did not give a timeline on when a new inspector would be appointed.

(PHOTO: Pinehouse mayor Mike Natomagan. MBC File.)