Cameco says it wants to remove 20 of 65 properties from the former Beaverlodge project out of its control and into a provincial program.

It has applied to amend its Waste Facility Operating Licence, with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

The Beaverlodge Project is a decommissioned uranium mine and mill site that consists of 65 individual decommissioned properties.

Cameco’s current licence authorizes it to manage the ongoing reclamation, maintenance and monitoring activities at the 65 properties that make up the Beaverlodge site.

In its application, Cameco submitted that 20 of the 65 Beaverlodge properties meet the performance criteria previously recognized by the Commission and the Province of Saskatchewan, making them eligible for acceptance into the Province of Saskatchewan’s Institutional Control Program.

The Beaverlodge mine site, located near of Uranium City operated for 30 years, closing in 1982. A public hearing on the application is expected to take place this fall.