The federal NDP say it’s time Ottawa starts to fund its recently announced National Housing Strategy.

Northern Sask. MP Georgina Jolibois says the lack of funding is causing housing issues for residents in Pelican Narrows.

She says that community has requests for 266 units, but only funding for three.

“People in Pelican Narrows are suffering from a lack of affordable and accessible housing. The community has 266 new housing requests but only the funding to complete three, and that does not include the requests for home renovations,” Jolibois told the House of Commons.

“While the Liberals brag about their housing strategy, people in Pelican Narrows are still waiting for a place to call home. They cannot and should not wait any longer.”

Jolibois has been describing housing situations in northern communities as dire, explaining there are issues too in Hatchet Lake, where as many as 20 people are sharing a single home that is unsafe to live in.

Jolibois says the situation as a crisis, where families are becoming homeless or must live in houses invested with mould.

The Liberals countered saying they are committed to improving Indigenous housing over $1 billion to building or renovating 15,000 on reserve housing units.

(Photo: MBC file.)