Visitors to Prince Albert National Park will soon be able to take part in Indigenous interpretive sessions.

The sessions will be hosted by Parks Canada and include Indigenous storytelling, art and music.

They will take place during Snow Days at Waskesiu.

The annual Snow Days begin this Saturday and wrap up Feb. 24.

“We are excited to provide a range of hands-on workshops this year,” park visitor experience manager. Monica Osterhout says. “Visitors are welcome to come and participate or listen in. The topics provide a glimpse into the history and culture of Indigenous people from the area.”

Anyone can participate in the 13 interpretive sessions which are being led by Cree instructors Liza Jane Brown and Rosella Carney.

Lisa Risom, a media officer with Parks Canada, says the sessions are meant to appeal to all ages.

“The Talking Circle workshop plays off of the Family Day theme and will be interesting to anyone who’s looking to improve their communication skills,” she says. “It follows some of the traditions passed down in Indigenous culture.”

“I choose to present this group session during the break because it’s a family-focused learning activity and fits nicely with the week,” Brown says. “A talking circle is a very inclusive and respectful process for all of its participants.”

Carney has been employed as a Cree language teacher at Chief Moses Ratt Elementary School in La Ronge for the past 41 years.

“I teach the kids how I was taught,” she says. “I’ve taught my children and grandchildren the art and now I’m teaching my great grandchildren about it. I tell them this isn’t a gift you take with you, it’s something you pass on so that’s why I do it.”

(PHOTO: Liza Jane Brown working at Prince Albert National Park. Photo courtesy of Parks Canada.)