The Ahtahkakoop First Nation says it is preparing a Treaty Benefits Claim against the federal government for loss of economic development regarding agricultural provisions under Treaty 6.

The First Nation says in a newsletter to members that provisions under the “Cows and Ploughs” to help compensate for the loss of buffalo were not met.

Payment for twine and nets; Articles, such as tools, seed and livestock, to be supplied to each band for the encouragement of the practice of agriculture; Items to be provided to the Chief, for the benefit of the band, including a horse, harness, and a wagon or cart; Assistance in the case of famine or pestilence; and Annual payments for three years for the purchase of provisions to assist in cultivation.

The Ahtahkakoop First Nation says its legal team, Maurice Law is drafting the Specific Claim submission expected to be filed this spring.

Canada will have three and a half years to accept or reject the claim for negotiation.

To date not one Treaty 6 Nation has settled a “Cows and Ploughs” claim.

The First Nation is researching other potential claims, such as; whether First and Second World Wars and the Korean War Indigenous veterans were given adequate resources to begin a successful farming operation.

Ahtahkakoop says the federal government passed legislation affording Indigenous veterans a potential career in farming after the war was over.

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