It appears an ongoing dispute over who actually won the 2017 Fond du Lac Dene Nation election for chief isn’t over just yet.

Louis Mercredi defeated Kevin Mercredi by only two votes in the September election.

Kevin Mercredi proceeded to challenge the results saying three polling clerks voted in the election breaking the band’s custom election act.

An appeal board originally sided with him calling for a new election but reversed its decision shortly after.

In a federal court decision last month, a judge says a new appeal board must be properly appointed and the appeal re-examined.

The judge says the new appeal board must be appointed by band council resolution as stated in the election act.

Kevin Mercredi says he is happy with the judge’s decision.

“I’m just glad that it’s back on the right track and we are able to govern ourselves,” he says. “So, we have a selection of appeal board members and electoral officials that are impartial and make the right decision according to the election act.”

Mercredi had been asking the court to overturn the results and order a new election but he says he will respect whatever decision is made as long as it is done fairly and within the band’s own election rules.

“I’d be okay with the results if it was done fair and square and all processes were followed properly.”

The act says an appeal board is supposed to be appointed 45 days prior to an election and by band council resolution.

Neither of these things happened in the original appointment of the appeal board.

It also says polling clerks are not allowed to participate in elections.

Louis Mercredi could not be immediately reached for comment.