Vince Natomagan is no longer on the Board of Northlands College.

“I want to inform the people of this House, that today the Cabinet has canceled the appointment of Mr. Natomagan and all the boards he served on, that’s Northlands College and as well as the Communities Initiatives Funds,” Premier Scott Moe told the Legislative Assembly Wednesday.

The cancellation of Natomagan’s appointments comes after the opposition NDP questioned the appointment Tuesday.

Natomagan has 12 criminal conviction’s dating to 1989 for assault. His most recent conviction came on November 14 after being found guilty of assault against a woman in Pinehouse in August. He was also charged with uttering a death threat against that same woman.

Natomagan was appointed through Order-In-Council November 1, signed off by Moe and on the recommendation of Advanced Education Minister Tina Beaudry-Mellor.

When asked in Question Period Wednesday whether Moe knew of Natomagan’s criminal past, Moe denied knowing anything, until hearing it yesterday. Beaudry-Mellor also denied knowing.

Natomagan was going to contest for the nomination of the Sask. Party in the previous election in the Athabasca electoral district, but withdrew at the last moment, leading New Democrat leader Ryan Meili to question whether other Cabinet Ministers knew Natomagan’s history.

Yet Moe says his government will be looking to see what other governments do with board appointments, most likely requiring a criminal background check. This procedure was echoed by Beaudry-Mellor Tuesday.

Natomagan took to Facebook Tuesday “I think everybody knows I screwed up last summer by being a closet alcoholic and hitting my wife on the head while blacked-out! I don’t deserve to represent anyone in any shape or form.” He went on to say that he is only to blame and that he will be seeking counselling.

(PHOTO: Vince Natomagan. MBC file.)