The controversial Northern Alcohol Strategy, introduced in 2016 by La Ronge town council, has new movement.

The strategy, with almost 50 proposals, is intended to regulate liquor sales in an effort to reduce alcohol-related hazards. One proposal resurfaced at the last town council meeting. The planned five per cent levy on all alcohol sales in the town was originally overruled, as a levy cannot be applied to local sales.

At the last town council meeting, members passed a motion to bring forward a resolution to the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) convention in February.

The resolution is to lobby the province in pursuit of applying the levy to all Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority liquor sales. If approved, the revenue will be distributed back to communities for youth initiatives and safety officers.

The original proposal estimated that the Town of La Ronge would see $375,000 go back to the community. Some discarded proposals were to have residents use identification cards and to ban sales of liquor on Canada Child Benefit days.

(PHOTO: La Ronge town councillors meet. File photo.)