Lieutenant Governor Thomas Molloy will officially open the fall Legislative Assembly Wednesday afternoon, with a Speech from the Throne.

The Throne Speech, the first since Scott Moe was selected Premier earlier this year is expected define the government’s priorities, presumably to the general election.

NDP leader Ryan Meili wants to see improvements for First Nations and the North.

“Anything would be nice. We haven’t seen anything from this government in terms of attention to the North or First Nations for a long time,” Meili explained. “Instead we’ve seen things like the shutdown of NORTEP. (Northern Teachers Education Program) We’ve seen the Premier refusing to meet with people wanting to talk about the issues of child welfare in the province and any serious attention to the inequalities that exist between Indigenous, non-Indigenous people.”

Meili notes that poverty, a concern for many families is costing the province $4 billion annually. The Speech from the Throne will be delivered at 2PM.

(PHOTO: NDP leader Ryan Meili speaking with reporters Tuesday. Credit Dan Jones.)