Cameco says it is prepared for the legalization of marijuana and is warning its employees of the impacts of using cannabis on free time.

Cameco is preaching safety and sobriety among workers who operate at its work sites.

Cameco communications Jeff Hryhoriw warns against this, as the effects of smoking can stay in your system for approximately 30 days and could hinder the passage of a substance test.

“Our employees have been asked to govern themselves accordingly and that they might not be able to use marijuana on personal time and subsequently pass a substance test at work,” Hryhoriw said.

Hryhoriw says cannabis is not allowed on site at any Cameco facilities and should not be consumed at any of the companies mines, mills and buildings when employees are not on the clock.

Cameco’s internal policy of substance use will remain much of the same for workers.

“It’s going to be much of the same, like alcohol and other substances. That’s essentially what’s going to remain for marijuana,” explained Hryhoriw.

Employees suspected of being impaired or in possession of marijuana can still be subjected to searches of personal property and could face internal disciplinary action.

Recreational marijuana use becomes legal next Wednesday.