University of Regina President Vianne Timmons continues her annual tour of northern Saskatchewan with a stop in La Ronge today.

A visit to Wollaston Lake was planned for Wednesday, but because of poor weather conditions, her plane was unable to land there.

Timmons plans to attend back to school events organized by Northlands College, which are taking place at the JRMCC today for new and returning students.

She says efforts are made to work with northern communities and a scholarship available to students from Pinehouse is an example of that.

“We are now working with the Gabriel Dumont Institute to do a program launch when we’re in Pinehouse on a liberal arts program,” she said. “Any community can partner with us and we will try to meet their needs.”

Timmons plans to visit Pinehouse on Friday as part of her tour.

She says the U of R has also developed programs in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and has a Dene Teacher Education Program, which is part of the school’s interest in language preservation.

(PHOTO: Vianne Timmons. Supplied photo.)