Treaty 6 chiefs are sending a letter to Queen Elizabeth II to express frustration over Ottawa’s proposed Indigenous rights framework.

The leaders from Saskatchewan and Alberta met Thursday in Lloydminster to develop a work plan and set action items.

Onion Lake Cree Nation Chief Henry Lewis says the letter to the monarch will outline that the federal government must fulfill its obligation to the treaty nations.

“(The letter is) stating that Canada is not fulfilling its obligation. They still have that obligation to the governor general, the representative from the Queen,” Lewis stated.

The secondary purpose of the meeting was to become unified on their position, as Lewis says some First Nations were being divided.

The position of the chiefs is that the framework could erode treaty provisions and transfer funding obligations to the provinces.

“We will be losing what we have as treaty people, our treaty status, our lands and reserve lands and then doing away with Indian Affairs, as evident with the prime minister creating these two ministries (Crown and Indigenous Relations and Indigenous Services),” said Lewis.

“(Our) funding that we get will be eventually transferred to the provinces and we will be falling under the province. Eventually we will be a basic municipality.”

Lewis’ concerns echo many other chiefs in the country who feel Ottawa is moving too fast on this file.

The Métis Nation-Saskatchewan says it is in full support of Ottawa’s framework, claiming they have been fully engaged with the federal government.

(PHOTO: Treaty 6 medal. File photo.)