People were gathering in Prince Albert Wednesday for information on how exactly the Indian residential day school and 60’s Scoop claims processes work.

The event was hosted by the Prince Albert Grand Council and lawyers Eleanore Sunchild of Sunchild Law and Philip Fourie of Kirkby Law were on hand to field any questions survivors might have.

PAGC resolution health support worker Anita Parenteau says the tribal council is inundated with questions about the multiple class action lawsuits that are currently winding their way through the courts.

“That’s the reason why we’re having the information session, just so that questions can be answered, people can find answers,” she says. “But there’s so many questions that we can’t answer them ourselves as RHSW workers. We have to get the lawyers to come in that are filing the class action lawsuits.”

The information session took place at the Senator Allen Bird Gymnasium.