The Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority’s six casinos will be hosting the corporation’s Second Annual Day of Sharing Wednesday afternoon.

In Prince Albert, this will involve a community barbecue at the Bernice Sayese Centre.

Northern Lights Casino General Manager Richard Ahenakew says SIGA employees feel it is important to give back to the communities in which they serve.

“Our employees have varied backgrounds and come from definitely different places in Saskatchewan, northern Saskatchewan, even within the community here,” he says. “Some of them, they come from some pretty tough circumstances and they like the idea going out and doing something and trying to show support for others.”

Prior to the event, Northern Lights employees spent the past week painting walls and playground equipment at the Bernice Sayese Centre.

“What happens is our staff went in and through volunteer work repainted and fixed playground equipment and also painted and patched walls in the back of the Bernie Sayese facility,” Ahenakew says. “We also took the time to remove graffiti and stuff like that.”

Aside from the barbecue, other events include face painting, a fish pond and a colouring book give away.