The Federation of Indigenous Sovereign Nations and several First Nations Chiefs met this morning briefly in Saskatoon with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss various needs in their communities.

Each Chief spoke for approximately two minutes with Lac La Ronge Indian Band Chief Tammy Cook-Searson saying she presented the Prime Minister with a business case for constructing a $21 million, 10-bed wellness treatment facility south of La Ronge.

“It’s going to be land based, based on our Woodland Cree culture and also western therapies. It’s not only for Lac La Ronge Indian Band, but we want it to be for all northern Saskatchewan,” Cook-Searson said.

She says facility will serve the needs of youth.

According to Cook-Searson, the First Nation has $2 million saved, the land set aside and looking to fund-raise an additional $1.6 million.

Ottawa will be requested to provide $15.4 million and help with mental support staff.

She says Trudeau was receptive to her requests. “He received our requests accordingly. He said he would look into all of them,” Cook-Searson stated.

Cook-Searson says she told Trudeau that the Bell’s Point Elementary School in Air Ronge is overcrowded, requesting portables be installed.

And she says there is a need for water treatment facility at Little Red River, as often there are boil water advisories.

(PHOTO: Chief Tammy Cook-Searson talking with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Courtesy of Anne Robillard)