The Town of La Ronge is scrambling today to respond to serious allegations of racism, homophobia and other inappropriate behavior by elected councillors by a former administrator.

A local media outlet published a story Wednesday that makes note of an apparent letter former administrator Stephen Conway sent to council outlining the allegations.

Conway resigned as an employee from the Town of La Ronge in late August.

Acting administrator Robbie Bender says the town is aware of Conway’s allegations, takes them seriously and released the following statement Wednesday afternoon.

“It is understood that Stephen Conway has just recently sent a letter to the media with sensational allegations surrounding his employment. Town officials are not yet absolutely clear on what or when exactly Mr.  Conway sent to the media. Town officials are following up to obtain a better understanding of what Mr Conway may have circulated.  The Town is able to confirm that Mr Conway resigned his position in August without any suggestion to sensational allegations and that issues pertaining to Mr Conway’s employment were and are under review following his resignation.”

MBC reached out to Conway with an interview request Wednesday night, but he has not responded.

(PHOTO: Stephen Conway. Photo courtesy of Stephen Conway, Facebook.)