After only two days in the position, Heather Bear is no longer the interim chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations.

This is because the FSIN now says there will be no interim chief during the campaign period for executive elections.

The positions of chief, first vice-chief and third vice-chief are up for election this fall.

Outgoing First Vice-Chief Kim Jonathan has opted not to seek re-election and says constitutionally the interim chief position should fall to her.

Until yesterday, the organization had insisted it was Fourth Vice-Chief Bear who should hold the position.

An emergency meeting of the Joint Indian Government Commission and Executive Council was held yesterday to resolve the matter.

Chief Clarence Bellegarde has also been appointed interim chair of the Joint IGC/EC.

Executive elections take place Oct. 25 in Saskatoon.

(PHOTO: FSIN logo. Photo courtesy of FSIN.)