Six vulnerable families in Prince Albert will soon have access to affordable housing.
The River Bank Development Corporation officially opened the homes this morning, along with the federal and provincial government which provided $630,500 in funding.
“We at Riverbank house many Indigenous families,” River Bank Manager Brian Howell says. “There’s many people moving here from the north and reserves trying to make a new life in the city. We are proud to be working with that community and supporting them as they make that transition. Working with our partners, the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan and local organizations, Native Co-ordinating Council, Family Futures and KidsFirst, we continue to support families by providing safe and affordable housing.”
The homes are situated in the East and West Flat and Midtown neighbourhoods of the city.
The average size of a home is 1,852 square feet.
“The province is pleased to support six families in their journey toward success, beginning with a safe, stable home,” Crown Investments Corporation Minister and Prince Albert Carlton MLA Joe Hargrave says. “These families will also receive the supports they need, including crisis and life-skills assistance, to help them succeed.  We are pleased to work with the federal government and River Bank to serve Saskatchewan people in greatest need, and continue to keep Saskatchewan strong.”
The federal funding is part of the government’s $40 billion National Housing Strategy.

(PHOTO: Prince Albert City Councillor Don Cody (left), River Bank Manager Brian Howell (centre) and Crown Investments Minister and Prince Albert MLA Joe Hargrave (right) were on hand at a Prince Albert affordable housing announcement on Tuesday. Photo by Brendan Mayer)