The election race for various executive positions at the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is not even a day old but already a controversy is brewing that has nothing to do, with, the actual election.

The FSIN sent out a press release late Monday afternoon stating Fourth-Vice Chief Heather Bear will be serving as interim chief until elections on October 25th.

Bear’s position on the executive is not up for re-election this year.

The FSIN then sent out another press release Tuesday afternoon reaffirming Bear as interim chief and quoting Section 29 of the FSIN Executive Act as verification.

Other media have reported outgoing First Vice-Chief Kim Jonathan believes the interim chief position should constitutionally fall to her.

The release states an executive member who is up for re-election cannot serve as interim chief.

The FSIN is electing the positions of chief, first and third vice-chiefs this fall.

Jonathan has opted not to seek re-election.

She could not be reached for comment.