First Nations youth are learning about culture and tradition at a gathering put on by the Prince Albert Grand Council this week.

The gathering is based on recommendation 66 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that says youth should be part of the reconciliation process.

Anita Parenteau is one of the organizers of the gathering and she says one of the main teachings is love and respect, something First Nations parents were not shown during the residential school experience.

“They’re doing a presentation right now and she talks about honouring yourself and she’s talking about sex and having partners and relationships and people don’t talk about that,” she says.

Noel Moosuk is serving in a support role and he says even if only a handful of young people take back what they have learned into a family setting, the gathering will have been a success.

“Maybe some of them, even if it takes two or three or whatever, you know, that’s lots, that’s planting a seed you know,” he says.

Over the course of the week, youth are learning how to build teepees, the significance of tobacco and the importance of treaties.

The gathering is going on at the Senator Allen Bird Memorial Centre and it winds up later Thursday.

(PHOTO: Left to right, Noel Moosuk, Anita Parenteau and George Mirasty at the Prince Albert Grand Council Residential School Gathering. Photo by Fraser Needham)