La Ronge will play host to the 24th annual Eagle Point Canoe Classic this Saturday.

There’s a 17-kilometre race and a seven-kilometre version. Organizers are expecting between 30-40 paddlers.

“We get some people out of province – from Manitoba and from Alberta,” said Warren Kelly, the president of the Pimiskatan-La Ronge Canoe Club. “It’s mostly provincial paddlers, and we expect to have some of the best paddlers in the province here.”

Kelly says some areas of the race could prove to be difficult due to weather.

“If it’s windy, especially depending on the direction of the wind, it can be pretty rough,” said Kelly. “At Nut Portage, which is halfway from the Nut Point Peninsula, when you come out into Nut Bay, we were canoeing on the weekend and I’ve never seen it rougher there if you have a west wind.”

Registration is slated for 9 a.m. on Saturday at Eagle Point Resort.

Kelly says they are the only provincial marathon canoe club in northern Saskatchewan.

If you would like more information, you can visit the club’s website.

(PHOTO: Two people carry a canoe. Photo courtesy of Pimiskatan-La Ronge Canoe Club, Facebook.)