The Water Security Agency is advising the public of high flows on some parts of the Churchill River and its tributaries in response to well above normal rainfall in July.

The Churchill River Basin east of Beauval, particularly near Reindeer Lake, received well above normal rainfall in July.

Areas near Sandy Bay are receiving about 2.5 times average rainfall during the month. That has led to above normal flows on lower tributaries and the Churchill River itself.

The WSA has also increased outflows at Lac La Ronge, resulting in increased flows downstream on the Rapid River.

With increasing flows throughout lower portions of the system in Saskatchewan, the public in the area is advised to use caution around watercourses within the basin and to take steps to protect property where necessary.

Less experienced users and those lacking local knowledge of the watercourses should avoid accessing these watercourses altogether, as deep, fast-moving water can pose a serious hazard.

(PHOTO: Water Security Agency logo. Photo courtesy of Water Security Agency.)