A two-year investigation into unlawful hunting of wildlife has resulted in $14,400 in fines and hunting suspensions for four Saskatchewan residents.

In 2015, Ministry of Environment conservation officers in Rowan’s Ravine began an investigation after receiving information from a call to the Turn in Poachers line regarding unlawful hunting in the Raymore area.

In 2016, conservation officers began a second investigation after observing a moose hanging in a farmyard.

Evidence gathered during these investigations showed that a number of individuals were involved in unlawful hunting and unlawful possession of moose.

Ronald Coleman, 67, of Quinton, was found guilty on three charges of unlawfully hunting and possessing moose and was fined a total of $6,000. He also received a two-year hunting suspension.

Horace Reid, 45, of Lanigan, was found guilty on one charge of unlawful possession of moose and fined $2,800 and received a one-year hunting suspension.

The two men appeared in Wynyard provincial court on June 25, 2018.

In October 2017, La Ronge resident Jackson Bell, 42, was also found guilty in Wynyard provincial court of unlawfully hunting moose and fined $2,800. In addition, he received a one-year hunting suspension.

In September 2017, Kawacatoose First Nation resident Mervin Poorman, 28, was found guilty in default in Punnichy provincial court. He was fined $2,800 for unlawfully hunting moose and given a one-year hunting suspension.

Officials say the public’s assistance is invaluable in solving these types of cases.

(PHOTO: Conservation officer working. Photo courtesy of Government of Saskatchewan.)