A group bringing soccer to the La Ronge area made a presentation last night to La Ronge town council.

Autumn Carlson is with the Lac La Ronge Tri-Community Soccer Association, she says youth soccer will begin this summer.

“We will be starting August 27 – that week and going until October 13 if the weather cooperates,” said Carlson. “In all following years, we will run the regular soccer season from May to October.”

The soccer association will have divisions from U-6 all the way up to U-17 this year. Registration is $20 for kids 12 and under. If you are older than 12, it will cost $30.

Carlson says they are hoping for 500 kids to sign up.

“I think the more things we can get going in this community — the better,” said Carlson. “Soccer is something that a lot of children have shown interest in.”

Carlson says most of the practices will be based out of Air Ronge, but she says they are planning on approaching schools for the use of their fields too. Using some space on the JRMCC grounds is also an option. Carlson also says they are looking for upgrades to the Quarry Field as well.

“We’re hoping that Quarry Field could be upgraded to the point where it can be a regulation field for us to use as well,” said Carlson. “Council seemed quite receptive of that, so we’re very hopeful.”

If you are interested in youth soccer in La Ronge, you can check out the group’s website. You can also find them on Facebook.

(PHOTO: Lac La Ronge Tri-Community Soccer Association logo. Photo courtesy of llrtcsa.com)