The Sakimay First Nations is changing its recreational lot lease structure.

Historically the leases have been a direct lease between the Crown and the tenant. Under the new structure, the Crown will be issuing a head lease to the Sakimay Management Authority, who will then issue a sub-lease to Basadinaa Property Management, a corporate entity, which will manage the recreational lots at Crooked Lake.

Chief Lynn Acoose says the new structure should allow for better tenant relations and increased property values. “I believe that they [tenants] will have better management of tenant relations. And will have more structure in improving property values,” Acoose said.

The First Nations says there are 310 tenants who hold leases at Crooked Lake. The leases are set to expire over the next five years.

Acoose says the tenants will be issued a longer lease. “They will be issued a 50-year lease, which is much longer than the 35-year head lease,” said Acoose.

Yet in order to qualify for a new lease, Accose says tenants must improve the conditions of their cottage and property. “They’re required to meet environmental standards. They have to remediate certain things like building materials that contain contaminants such as creosote and substandard, non-CSA septic and holding tanks,” Acoose explained.

Basadinaa Property Management will assume responsibility of managing the sub-leases in January.

(PHOTO: Chief Lynn Acoose.  Courtesy Twitter)