A change in command will soon be coming to the La Ronge RCMP detachment.

Newly promoted Staff Sergeant Kyle Watson takes over as detachment commander June 25, replacing Richard Price.

Watson says although he is new to La Ronge, he is no stranger to northern living.

“I was also born in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and I spent most of my youth up in the Arctic and then actually in Thompson, Manitoba, up in that area,” he says. “My father was with the RCMP, so I’m used to the northern lifestyle and moving around. So I am used to being up in the high north.”

Watson has also worked with First Nations in a number of his postings and says he is looking forward to working with the Indigenous community in La Ronge.

“All my policing has been working with the First Nations communities or Inuit communities. I believe I have a strong working relationship. Everywhere I have been, I believe I have had a strong working relationship with the band councils.”

Watson joined the RCMP in 2002 and has served the Mounties in a number of places in Canada, including parts of Manitoba, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

His most recent posting was in Deschambault Lake.

A new crime reduction officer will also be joining the La Ronge RCMP detachment in the near future.

(PHOTO: Staff Sergeant Kyle Watson (centre) will join the La Ronge RCMP as detachment commander on June 25. Photo courtesy of Kyle Watson.)