The Saskatchewan and federal governments are investing $4.2 million in new housing options for victims of domestic violence.

One-point-eight million is going to the Piwapan Women’s Centre and Sapohtewan House in La Ronge, with that project being a new build.

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the money is needed given the high rates of domestic violence in Saskatchewan.

“Eighty-one per cent of the victims of that violence are women — usually accompanied by children,” Goodale said. “To provide more space and higher calibre space to deal with people who are fleeing gender-based violence. This is a very serious problem in our society. In Saskatchewan particularly, we have sadly, very high rates of gender-based violence.”

The Waskoosis Safe Shelter in Meadow Lake is getting $1.2 million for their project.

The federal government says the money will be used to renovate 81 emergency shelter bedrooms, add four units of second-stage rental housing and renovate 25 units of second-stage housing.

(PHOTO: Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale at the Regina YWCA making the funding announcement. Photo by Dan Jones.)