Clarence Papequash is the new chief of the Key First Nation, following a court-ordered election Monday.

Papequash defeated two other challengers for the top job.

In March, a federal court vacated the 2016 election results, ruling there was corruptive practices with vote buying.

Papequah is a former chief and councillor for the First Nation. He was part of the court challenge. In a sworn statement, Papequash told the court that he witnessed then Chief Rodney Brass offer to pay $300 to purchase a vote.

Papequash was released from prison in December after pleading guilty to possession of codeine with the purpose of trafficking and weapons offences. He was sentenced to one year in jail in April 2017.

David Darrel Cote, Clinton Key, Chris Gareau, Marcy Pelletier and Gilda DoKuchie were elected to council.

(PHOTO: Key First Nation band office. Photo courtesy of