Officials are hopeful wet weather continues into the weekend making the job of battling wildfires across the province that much easier.

Rain and cooler temperatures have lessened the threat of fires in recent days.

This has allowed the Harding Fire, about 40 kilometres northeast of Smeaton, to be contained and a section of Hwy 106, which had been closed since Tuesday, to be reopened.

Saskatchewan Wildfire Management chief climatologist Henri Dagenais says higher moisture levels have also eased the job of firefighters.

“When the relative humidity of the air is this high, it gives moisture to the fuel and it slows the burning a lot,” he says.

Nevertheless, Dagenais says a fire in the Meadow Lake Provincial Park remains uncontrolled.

“The Tuff Fire is still not contained at 6,500 hectares. Crews and heavy equipment, supported by helicopters, continue to work on this fire. The fire is still active but control lines are holding.”

The Rabbit Fire in the Prince Albert National Park also remains not contained.

(Photo: Crews battle Rabbit Creek Fire in Prince Albert National Park. Photo courtesy of Parks Canada)