Saskatchewan’s government union is demanding a full financial audit of the government’s decision to close the province’s bus company last year.

The government closed the doors on the Saskatchewan Transportation Company last May as a cost-cutting move.

However, Saskatchewan Government and General Employees Union President, Bob Bymoen, says he is not convinced the province is actually saving any money.

“Well, we are demanding that the government do an audit and come clean,” he says. “What did it actually cost for the government to shut down STC and what did they sell the assets for?”

Bymoen says he believes when the costs such as paying for taxis to get northern residents to medical appointments in Saskatoon and Regina are factored in, the province is actually now spending more money.

He adds there are also the new added costs of shipping goods north to south.

“I remember being up in La Loche and them telling me of problems now with transporting lab samples. Ensuring that they are down here (Regina) in a timely fashion for testing.”

At one time, STC had offered service to La Ronge, La Loche, Buffalo Narrows, Ile-a-la Crosse and Beauval.

About 224 employees were laid off as a result of the government’s decision to close STC.

Both the provincial and federal NDP have called for the reinstatement of the provincial bus service.

(PHOTO: The view from inside one of STC’s last trips. File photo.)