The Discourse publication and northern Saskatchewan media are partnering on a project, wanting to hear about how people are impacted by a wildfire.

Lauren Kaljur, the environment reporter for The Discourse, is collecting a database of concerns of residents affected by forest fires.

“(There were) issues with people who had to borrow money just to evacuate. Concerns over the distance required to evacuate. Where people are housed in gymnasiums and the kinds of supports that are available,” said Kaljur.

Kaljur says residents who want to participate can text “fire” to 306-900-4761. The person will then be prompted a series of questions, in which they can text their responses.

Kaljur says the stories will allow her to investigate the impacts further.

“The idea is to hear more of those concerns and gather them to look at where the trends are, and then further investigate,” said Kaljur.

Kaljur says she hopes that any testimonies gathered can lead to community-based solutions, rather than a top-down government approach.

(PHOTO: The fire in view. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Linklater-McCallum, Facebook.)