New federal legislation could see more young Indigenous voters participating in future federal elections.

The Liberals’ proposed Bill C-76 would see the creation of a registry of future electors aged 14 to 17.

University of Saskatchewan Professor Ken Coates says including young people in the electoral system early could be one way to better engage them.

“I think pre-registration is important for the simple reason that young people feel disengaged from society right now,” he said.

Coates adds a future electoral registry would be one way to make young people feel included.

“I think by reaching out to young folks early on, when they’re 14 to 17, to get them registered, could well be the first time that they are a real part of the Canadian political process.”

Bill C-76 would also allow the option of vouching for identity and residence and increase the number of mobile voting polls in remote communities.

The Trudeau government introduced the new legislation at the end of last month.

(PHOTO: Ken Coates. Photo courtesy of Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.)