Eight La Ronge residents have paid fines totalling over $11,000 after an undercover investigation revealed an illegal fish and wildlife selling operation.

The investigation, which started in 2015, involved three separate operations, which led to numerous charges, warnings of non-compliance and the search of a home.

Last summer, three La Ronge citizens received fines for selling fish and trafficking wildlife. They were also suspended from angling.

On May 3, 62-year-old Jack Bell pleaded guilty to one count of fish trafficking and was fined $500.

In August 2017, Jordan Charles was fined a total of $3,000 for illegally marketing fish on multiple occasions. He also received probation of three years and must follow certain conditions when angling. Charles must also complete six school presentations on the importance of conservation, protecting the environment and traditional harvesting practices within the probation period.

In September 2017, La Ronge residents Daniel Ratt and Nora Charles both pleaded guilty to illegally marketing fish on multiple occasions, as well as trafficking in wildlife. Ratt received $1,510 in fines, while Charles was fined a total of $2,700. Both were suspended for five years from purchasing a commercial fishing licence.

(PHOTO: Fish seized. Photo courtesy of Government of Saskatchewan.)