The Keeseekoose First Nation has declared a state of emergency after severe flooding.

The First Nation is cleaning up and assessing the damage after a storm tore through the community on Thursday night.

According to the FSIN, several homes are in really bad shape following the floods.

“We are very thankful that everyone is okay but our families shouldn’t be worried about if their ceilings are going to collapse on their children every time it rains,” said FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron in a media release sent out on Friday afternoon.

The community has declared a state of emergency and federal officials are on site to survey the exact damage to the home.

Keeseekoose did receive federal funding for housing repairs this past December. However, Chief Calvin Straightnose claims the funding for repairs was inadequate to address the needs of his community.

“We have been lobbying the Federal Government for housing dollars to repair the mold, lack of eaves troughs, damaged and missing shingles and other serious issues that contributed to the flooding of our homes and the collapsing of several ceilings last night,” said Straightnose in the release.

The exact number of homes and families that are affected is still unknown at this time.

Keeseekose is nearly 400 kilometres east of Saskatoon, close to the Manitoba border.

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