A northern Saskatchewan gold mine continues to produce record numbers.

According to the company that owns Seabee gold mine, they are currently seeing record numbers come out of the operation.

SSR Mining says the mine had record production in 2017 and the records continued through the first quarter of 2018.

The company released its first quarter financial report yesterday, saying the mine produced nearly 24,000 ounces of gold so far this year. This is the most the mine has ever produced in a single quarter.

In 2017, the mine produced nearly 84,000 ounces of gold, its highest yearly output in the mine’s 27-year history.

“Each of our operations performed well during the quarter,” said President and CEO Paul Benson in a media release. “Particularly pleasing was the continued increase in mill throughput at Seabee where our ongoing Operational Excellence initiatives have seen mill throughput and gold production continue to rise since we acquired the mine in 2016.”

In October, the Vancouver-based company announced a seven-year $90 million expansion at the mine.

Seabee gold mine is about 125 kilometres north of La Ronge.

SSR Mining purchased the mine in 2016 when they acquired Claude Resources.

(PHOTO: The Seabee gold mine. Photo courtesy ssrmining.com)