A new single from an Aboriginal artist in northern Saskatchewan has broken into a top 100 chart on Itunes.

Roland Corrigal released his single, Hot Summer Cool, earlier today. Hours later the song broke into today’s top 100 country songs downloaded on Itunes.

Corrigal, originally from Beauval, but currently living in Air Ronge, says he is honoured to see his song do so well.

“We set an optimistic goal based on this song and put in a lot of time and energy,” said Corrigal. “To see that pay off and to be from northern Saskatchewan is a huge bonus.”

The northern musician says he hopes Hot Summer Cool will remind people of the summers of their youth.

“You just have that natural buzz when you are sitting outside hanging out with friends,” he said. “I hope this song brings that up in people.”

While Corrigal couldn’t confirm if he is the first Aboriginal artist to break this chart, he is confident he is the first from northern Saskatchewan to do so.

“I don’t know anyone else from northern Saskatchewan who has been able to do this.”

(PHOTO: Roland Corrigal. Photo courtesy rolandcorrigan.com)