The Key First Nation is going to the polls to elect a new chief and council.

The election comes just over a month after a federal judge nullified the 2016 election results.

“There is clear evidence of widespread and openly conducted vote buying activity,” said Federal Court Justice R. L. Barnes in his written decision.

He believes, according to the evidence, the integrity of the Key First Nation election of October 1, 2016 was sufficiently corrupted.

“I would add that the corrupt practices employed by several of the respondents during the 2016 band election appear to reflect a long-standing tradition and acceptance by some members of vote buying and other dishonest attempts to influence electoral outcomes,” the judge’s decision stated.

“These practices appear to be sufficiently entrenched that, in the election to follow, rigorous efforts will be required to ensure the integrity of the process.”

A nomination meeting will be taking place May 6 at the Key First Nation Band Hall.

Under the election rules, an elector can only nominate one person for chief and four people for council. Candidates seeking election must pay a $250 fee.

Election day is June 11, with polling stations at the band hall.

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