Can La Loche defend its dubious title of having Saskatchewan’s worst road?

The Canadian Automobile Association is conducting its annual online survey until May 6, asking the public to nominate what they consider to be a bad road. Last year, Highway 155 took the title, as nearly 6500 votes were received.

The CAA considers the worst roads to have potholes, cracks, poor signage or congestion.

Highways and Infrastructure Minister David Marit says he would not be surprised to see La Loche be in top consideration for the worst road.

“No, I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Marit. “We’ve done some work on [Highway] 155, we continue to do that along with other roads designated by the CAA and the worst road program. I’m not surprised by it.”

Marit states the department is looking at alternative methods to fix lightly used highways in the province by partnering with municipalities to perform the repairs, with partnerships extending to the north.

“We’re working diligently with the communities in the north,” said Marit. “I was in Cumberland House, and we did some work on [Highway] 123, and we’re looking into upgrades. Working with La Loche and Fond-du-Lac — in partnering to fix up the roads in the northern part of the province.”

Marit does not take issue with a worst roads survey or the results, but views it as a measurement of what upgrades have been done and where improvements can be made.

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