A Pinehouse man who was taken from his family during the Sixties Scoop will play a role in determining the future of childcare for Metis children in the country.

Gary Tinker has been tasked to come up with ideas on how Metis leaders should use the $1,000,000 in funding they have been allocated by the federal government to hold consultation efforts on how to reform the child welfare system. Officials with the federal government hope the consultations will lead to a system that is more culturally appropriate.

“Our president — I believe, in Saskatchewan, will be appointing us (or) somebody to design a plan for Metis citizens in care (and) Metis children in care,” said Tinker.

As a child, Tinker was placed in foster homes as a part of the Sixties Scoop and now as an adult fosters kids with his wife.

“Me and my wife, we are fostering at this time. What I recommend is that when people are in foster care, they should have some sort of transition should take place for them when they’re about the age of 15,” said Tinker. “At (the) age of 15, they should start doing life skills training for that child, on how to survive out there, before they’re out of the system.”

Tinker is also one of many Metis survivors of the Sixties Scoop who is pursuing financial compensation from the Canadian government.

(PHOTO: Gary Tinker. Photo courtesy of pinehouselake.com)